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The kingdom of Draghan is a peaceful land with rolling hills, green pastures, and lush forests. But it wasn’t always like this... Ages ago, bloodthirsty dragons terrorized the region; their fiery breath set fields ablaze and with their razor-sharp claws they reduced even the sturdiest trees to firewood. The wise kings of old invoked a magic ritual to banish the dragons. They built three enchanted portals, strategically placed throughout the land. Together, they called upon magic energies to imprison the dragons in the Shadow Realm; a world of eternal darkness where only monstrous creatures dwell.

Each game in the Draghan series takes place in thus wonderful world. Are you ready to start your first adventure?


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Do you have a prototype for a game that could fit in the Draghan series?
This would be a highly thematic game where multiple characters from the previous game could play a role. It has a new mechanic or combination of mechanics that is fun to play starting from 8 years old.

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