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    Baby Blues and Baby Clues promo items

    We printed promo items for Baby Blues and Baby Clues.

    For Baby Blues we printed the Little Angels expansion that features 6 cards, one for every player (this way you can also use it together with Baby Blues Continues). Honest traders are angels that receive additional benefits, but cheating on eachother will bring out the devil and this will result in the loss of your benefits.

    For Baby Clues we printed the Skill Cards (again one card for every player). Each baby will receive a special skill that you can use once. But if you decide to use the skill you will give up a piece of your identity, so use them wisely!

    We bring the promo items to all fairs where we are present (starting in Essen). If you pick up a copy in our booth you can make a little donation in return for "Pelicano". This is a good cause that supports children that live in poverty to give them a healthy place to live, enough food and proper education. Donations are entirely voluntary. But every donation is greatly appreciated.

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